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    Astrologer, fortuneteller, and self-styled detective Kiyoshi Mitarai must in one week solve a macabre murder mystery that has baffled Japan for 40 years. Ignites the mind Huffington Post Shimada's novel is a classic of the The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Soji Shimada was born under the. cover image of The Tokyo Zodiac Murders With maps, charts, and other illustrations, this story of magic and illusion, pieced together like a great stage tragedy.

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    Novel The Tokyo Zodiac Murders Pdf

    Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. First published in Japan in , Shimada's intriguing first novel blends metafiction with a locked-room mystery. The Tokyo Zodiac Murders book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. “Intricately constructed and entertainingly exotic.”—The. Read "The Tokyo Zodiac Murders" by Soji Shimada available from Rakuten Kobo . Sign up today Under the Midnight Sun - A Novel ebook by Keigo Higashino.

    Godfather of Japanese detective stories inspired by Sherlock By Lu Feiran December 10, , Thursday Print Edition THE godfather, sometimes called the god, of Japanese mystery fiction recently drew crowds of Chinese mystery fans from around the country who came to hail the man who brought back classic detective yarns. Soji Shimada, a year-old hero to many, drew people from as far away as Hubei, Jiangxi and Hebei provinces to his lecture and book signing at Fudan University in Shanghai on November They started lining up as early as 9am for the event, the venue had to be changed because of crowds and Shimada didn't finish until pm. They applauded, cheered and cried "Bravo" for their favorite "logic mystery" writer who is compared both to Sherlock Holmes and Edgar Allen Poe. Shimada represents the honkaku, or the classic sometimes called orthodox and logical detective fiction. These are usually who-done-it, including closed-room mysteries. Honkaku classic mysteries were among the first in Japan in the s, but gave way in the s to mysteries known the "social school" that often featured social realism, pressing issues and political corruption. Policemen rushed about but there was no logical, brilliant detective and clever plotting was not essential. Shimada's call for rational, logical detective stories went against the prevailing style and he was vigorously criticized - largely for lack of social conscience and neglect of contemporary issues - but he also won many young fans. In China, contemporary crime and mystery fiction is not well developed, though stories of the supernatural are popular.

    No-one has solved the riddle of — who, how, why? Kiyoshi has his idiosyncrasies and deeply meditative episodes, while Kazumi is the industrious partner who is smart enough to follow leads and have sound opinions but is missing the crucial connections and insights that Sherlock, sorry Kiyoshi has.

    The facts of the case are delivered as a dialogue between Kiyoshi and Kazumi which enables detail and anticipated questions to be aired and discussed by an enquiring Kazumi. The plot will certainly appeal to an analytical mind. Stating that he has now provided all the clues necessary. From this point on the solution will be revealed. The structure of the novel was a new one for me and very refreshing. After releasing the rock album "Lonely Men" in , Shimada hit upon the idea of writing mystery novels.

    He was inspired by a bank robbery that he himself witnessed. Over the years he has written around 50 books. His first novel, "The Tokyo Zodiac Murders" in was a bizarre tale of serial murders; bodies were dismembered and then reassembled into one new person.

    The book was nominated for an Edogawa Rampo Award, after Japan's great mystery writer of the s. In the story, Shimada created his most famous detective, Kiyoshi Mitarai, gifted but given to talking too much.

    He hates his name because it uses the characters for "clean the toilet," though the pronunciation is totally different.

    As Mitarai is a rare surname, most people called him "Mr Toilet" when they first met. Shimada explains that he himself was teased by kids who called him "Toilet Soji.

    He reflects aspects of Shimada himself and frequently frowns upon certain aspects of the Japanese character. But I said to myself that I must do something and go forward, rather than returning to the time when I produced nothing.

    After publishing another novel about Detective Mitarai in , Shimada gave up the series temporarily and started a new series whose main character was Takeshi Yoshiki, a middle-aged policeman. These were "travel mysteries," a popular style in the s. Shimada never forgot the honkaku mystery, however, and got to know a group of new honkaku writers from Kyoto University in the late s.

    He mentored and promoted many of them, including influential mystery writers such as Yukito Ayatsuji and Rintaro Norizuki. To express his thanks, the new author gave his series detective the name Kiyoshi Shimada, taken from both Soji Shimada and Kiyoshi Mitarai.

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