Outlook address book the operation failed


    Recently a customer reported an error when trying to open address book in Outlook. The Offline address book was downloaded correctly and. Applies to: Outlook Outlook Microsoft Outlook Not downloading Offline address book files. Description: The operation failed. Outlook Address Book not downloading is common issues faced by many / outlook-oab-task-reported-error-0xthe-operation-singh/.

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    Outlook Address Book The Operation Failed

    This article describes how to troubleshoot the following Offline Address Book issues in Exchange Server' reported error (0xF): 'The operation failed. now when users open outlook address book from either outlook or outlook they immediately get a "the operation failed" pop up. ​. Explore the ways to fix or solve 'Global Outlook Address Book (OAB files) list not reported an error (0x): The Operation Failed”.

    Office for business More Synchronization errors occur in the Offline Address Book. An object could not be found. This may also resolve nondelivery report issues if you're using an outdated version of the Offline Address Book. If BITS won't start, reinstall it. If you're using Office or Office , ensure that the latest version of Office Desktop Setup is installed. Step 5: Re-create the Outlook profile If the existing Outlook profile is corrupted, this corruption could be the cause of the issue.

    How to troubleshoot the Outlook Offline Address Book in an Office environment - Office

    This is one of the most peculiar issues which was mentioned in one of the forums. It was about local global address list not updating error 0x It is rather a unique issue and no definite solution was provided in the blogs. Only generic methods to resolve the problem which were not apt. This post summarises those in a brief manner. All the necessary information has been mentioned here. Read carefully to find the best answer that suits the current scenario.

    Following are the instructions to resolve or fix local global address list not updating error 0x in Microsoft Outlook account:. This list is available for an Exchange-based account and it can be downloaded to PC in the following manner:. This is a common issue faced by many Outlook users. While performing the above operation following error may be issued:. This error appears when the BITS queue is full of jobs and cannot take any more operations.

    In order to remove Outlook download Offline Address Book error or local global address list not updating error 0x, the job queue needs to be cleared. Then, check the BITS job list using the following command: Now, there are two ways to resolve Outlook download Offline Address Book error. It can be resetting the job queue or by clearing it. The below step mentions the procedure in detail:. Then, type in the following command to clear the list: This will help you resolve Outlook download Offline Address Book error: Make sure on the first tab that it has an update schedule, then on the "Address Lists" tab that "Include the default Global Address List" is checked.

    On the last tab, "Distribution", do you see all your Exchange servers listed in the "Distribute the offline address book from the following virtual directories"? Open up explorer on the Exchange server and navigate to "C: You should see a folder in there labeled something like e77daacc, blah, blah, blah with a date modified with probably yesterdays date if your schedule is set to once per day.

    If no folder exists or if in that folder there are no files then your OAB is probably corrupt and needs to be rebuilt. All as you explained above. The LZX files within there where last updated at OK good, so far things look to be in order on the server itself BTW, how many servers in your environment? Next thing we are going to do is, on the server hosting the OAB you can get that info from the settings above in the management console under that distribution tab" open up the services and restart, or start the "Microsoft Exchange System Attendant" service.

    This is the service responsible for distributing the OAB to the clients. After this, you can make a change like add a temp mailbox and then navigate back to the organization configuration, mailbox, offline address book tab, right click the OAB and choose "Update".

    This will force an immediate replication. Now see if a client in cached mode gets the update by trying to download the OAB manually from the send and receive menu also what version are your clients on? Report back any errors.

    Operation failed when trying to open address lists in Outlook

    Okie dokie! Next steps, on the client machine that you just tested this on, open up the services. Now look for the "Background Intelligent Transfer Service".

    This is the service responsible for getting the OAB from Exchange. Make sure this service is started and set to automatic.

    You can also restart the service if you suspect it may not be workign properly. After that, on the client navigate to "C: In there you should see a couple oab files. These files should correspond with the LZX file time and date that was on the Exchange server. If there are files in there, delete them, as Outlook will replace them on the next download.

    You may need to close Outlook first to do this.

    Ah, interestingly they where dated yesterday instead. Next step, while Outlook is running down in the task bar, hold down the control key and right click the Outlook icon and choose "Test E-Mail Autoconfiguration". This should pass all tests, and you should see an listing for the OAB similar to the screen shot below. All shows correctly, although it is pointing to the external "webmail" URL and not the internal server name, would this cause an issue? Not sure what you mean, can you post a screen, blank out the domain and any data of the external address.

    Operation failed when trying to open address lists in Outlook

    These can be found and changed if needed in the Exchange management console by expanding "Server COnfiguration" and clicking on "Client Access". In the below pane double click the OAB to bring up it's properties. If the internal is set to your web mail address and your clients are not allowed to access OWA from the inside then this would cause your issues.

    Simply change the address to your internal mail server hosting the OAB and virtual directory. You can double check this with the Exchange command shell by entering the following command and examining the output.

    Hmm, i have just changed the internal URL to the internal server name instead of the external site, as yes, the users cannot access webmail from inside the company. Are there any services i need to restart for this change to take effect, as i still get the same error I f 3king love you man!

    Its now working. It was just the URL that needed changing after spending a day and a bit looking in to this! Thanks so much for your quick replies and help, you saved us calling MS support and looking a bit stupid to them: No problem, glad you got it working. You should also update your thread on technet with the solution for others also having similar issues, or just direct them back to this thread. Your other clients will either need to restart Outlook, or wait a day to get the updated OAB files.

    No worries, always better to get as many eyes as you can on an issue. Hello, I know this thread is old, but I'm having the same problem that Riso was having.

    I've gone through all your suggestions here, but it's still not working. Everything appears to be configured correctly. Could this cause an issue with the OAB being downloaded? I would assume the folder would be created when you try to download the OAB, but maybe it's a permissions issue? Your probably better off starting a new thread lalprasad, however if you want to post a screenshot of the results when you run a "test e-mail autoconfiguration" with "use guessmart" and "secure guessmart authentication" turned off.

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